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  • Address data

    Address: Hessenweg 2A – 3771 RB Barneveld
    Telephone: +31 342 – 400073

    Visiting hours

    In 2018 the museum is open from 2 January – 29 December. Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 17:00 hours.

    Also open on Easter-Monday and Whit-Monday and on Mondays in the school holidays. The museum is closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. The fowl garden is closed from November 1 until the end of February. As compensation for that, the visitors get a free cup of coffee / tea or a soft drink.

  • Barneveld is well known as the centre of the Dutch poultry sector and it still plays that leading role. No wonder that Dutch Poultry Museum is located in Barneveld.

    It is a unique museum where the history of chicken and egg is displayed in a attractive way. In the museum  the visitor makes a journey through the  time of the Dutch poultry sector. Have a look at an antique incubator still in operation and follow a chick when it comes out of the egg. Children may hold the cute chicks and hug them. In the fowl garden more than 20 varieties of old Dutch breeds show their finest colours.

  • In the traditional auction room you can participate in a real auction. By pushing the button at the right moment you stop the auction clock and you become the proud owner of a souvenir, a box Barneveldse eggs or a bottle of “advocaat”. Enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or a soft drink in the coffee room. Take a piece of cake or a sandwich and of course, chicken soup. For an original gift or an other item, do not forget to visit the shop before leaving the museum. All articles are related to chicken or egg.

    After the visit you will conclude:

    A fantastic and fascinating museum

    See the video presentation
  • We’re looking for Friends!

    The Pluimveemuseum does not get any subsidy and is entirely run by volunteers: reception, cleaning, guided tours, feeding the chickens etc. In short, from maintenance to management: it is all done by the more than 100 enthusiastic volunteers. Are you well disposed towards the museum:

    Become a friend!

    Become a friend of the Dutch Poultry Museum
  • Entrance fees 2018:


    Entrance fee adults € 6,50 p.p.
    Entrance fee children (2 – 11 years) € 3,25 p.p.
    Group rate adults (min. 20 persons) € 6,00 p.p.
    Group rate children (min. 20 persons) € 3,00 p.p.
    Guided tour (< 20 persons) € 15,00 per group

    Group arrangements – minimum 20 persons

    1= entrance fee + guided tour + auction € 6,50 p.p.
    2= 1 + coffee/tea and cake € 9,00 p.p.
    3= 1 + coffee/tea and a Barneveld specialty € 9,30 p.p.
    4= 1 + coffee/tea and apple pie € 10,20 p.p.
    extra 1 cup of coffee/tea € 0,55 p.p.

    arrangements without the guided tour €0.75 discount per person

    Above arrangements followed by a sandwich lunch


    min. 30 persons € 11,50 p.p.
    less than 30 persons € 12,50 p.p.
    Additional to the lunch:
    chicken soup € 2,60 p.p.
    croquette € 2,00 p.p.

    * 6% VAT included in the prices of the arrangements
    * Alterations of prices reserved

    Make reservation here

  • Our museum is wheelchair friendly and has a separate disabled toilet.


    No dogs allowed, except for guidance


    General information

    Strategic plan 2015 – 2020
    Report of the board 2017
    Annual account 2017