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    Admission group adults (min. 20 persons) (x €6,00)

    Admission group children (min. 20 persons) (x €3,00)

    Guided tour (< 20 persons) (x €15,00 per groep)

  • Group arrangements - (minimum 20 persons)

    1= entrance fee + guided tour + auction (x €6,50 p.p)

    2= 1 + coffee/tea and cake (x €9,00 p.p)

    3= 1 + coffee/tea and a Barneveld specialty (x €9,30 p.p)

    4= 1 + coffee/tea and apple pie (x €10,20 p.p)

    5= extra cup of coffee or tea (x €0,55 p.p)

    arrangements without the guided tour €0.75 discount per person

    Extend the arrangement by a sandwich lunch:

    less than 30 persons (x €12,50 p.p.)

    30 persons or more (x €11,50 p.p.)

    Extension to the lunch:

    chicken soup (x €2,60 p.p.)

    croquette (x €2,00 p.p.)


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